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2009 Intermediate classes So, on Friday we were invited by Lysander and Liezl to watch showings of our LEVEL 2 programme (that’s our Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate classes).  Given that they had had very few sessions with which to work on the pieces, we were expecting it to be pretty basic with a lot of uncertainty on the part of the performers.  Boy, were we wrong!!  The group was dynamic and creative and sure of themselves and funny funny funny!!  We were weeping with laughter in some of the pieces.  Literally.

Lysander and LiezlLysander and Liezl have been in charge of the Intermediate Class for the past year, while Lysander and Marlon have taken over the Advanced Intermediate training sessions, so it’s been a while since the rest of us have been on the floor with the group.  We were blown away by how much they have developed and grown since we saw them in their weekly classes on our LEVEL 1 school’s programme.  Now in LEVEL 2, they are different people: confident, proud, assertive, creative and a whole lot of fun.

At last, the programme is achieving what it was set up to achieve so many years ago.  We knew what we wanted. We knew what needed to be done.  But that doesn’t mean that our clarity of vision hasn’t Send in the clowns been clouded with doubt, insecurities, stress, confusion and misunderstandings over the years.  Why are we doing this?  Should it be done?  Is it worth it?  Will anyone care?  Is there a need for it? Is there a market for it?  Can the Deaf realistically make it in the theatre world in South Africa?  Are we just living a pipe dream that will end sooner than later?  But on Friday afternoon, the clouds parted, the vision was clear, and the answers were affirming.  It reminded us of why we are involved with FTH:K and why we work so hard to achieve what we do.  There is SO much untapped potential and talent out there, and so many exciting new points of view to be heard and explored, and the performing arts is the perfect place to do it.

All smiles!

It is nice to be reminded of how good we have it.  Sure, running a theatre company is not an easy task – the Arts and Culture environment in South Africa is tough as nails.  But when we look at our performances, our audiences, our friends, our team mates, our trainees, our FTH:K family, we are reminded of how lucky we are to do what we do everyday because it is vital and important and is changing lives in a very real way.


A snapshot journey of Day 2 in Buenos Aires…

And while you’re about it, check out these first impressions of Buenos Aires:

TANYA SURTEES – GUMBO Director and FTH:K Company Manager

ROB MURRAY – GUMBO Performer and FTH:K Artistic Director
LYSANDER BARENDS – GUMBO Performer and FTH:K Company Member
LIEZL DE KOCK – GUMBO Performer and FTH:K Company Member
MARLON SNYDERS – GUMBO Performer and FTH:K Third-Year Trainee
NIKKI FRONEMAN – Proyecto 34°S Festival Director
LYNN MAREE – Director of “Living in Strange Lands”; MARK FLEISHMAN – Director of “Every Year, Every Day, I Am Walking”
RENOS SPANOUDES – Performer in “Living in Strange Lands”
CRAIG LEO – Production Manager for “Every Year, Every Day, I Am Walking”

And that’s it for the end of Day 2 in Buenos Aires.  Time to sleep and try catch up with the crazy time shift between continents…see you tomorrow!