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Womb Tide Poster DRAFT - 250 ONCRM We have been throwing around rumours of this Womb Tide thing…but not really giving you too many details…and you’re just dying to know, right? I mean, what is it?  You know that it is a story by Lara Foot (developed in collaboration with Leila Henriques, Brian Webber, and Joss Levine), and maybe you know that it has been selected to play on the Arena Programme at the National Arts Festival.  Maybe you will even know that it is set to have a season at both the Market Theatre and the Baxter Theatre later this year.  If you know all of this, then you are probably Lara Foot herself!  But if not, know it now and sing it from the hill tops – because it’s going to be that good. (Check out the official Press Release)

The play was first performed to high acclaim in 1996.  In 2010, the show will be recreated and devised by a cast of hot up-and-coming performers (we use nothing but here at FTH:K) including our very own Liezl de Kock and Emilie Starke (also working on the set and props), and collaborators Daniel Buckland, and Kim Kerfoot, under the direction of Rob Murray.  A stellar cast of designers has been assembled, including James Webb and Brydon Bolton (sound), Craig Leo (puppet design & set and props), and Leila Anderson (costumes).

More than just simply a remounting, Womb Tide is a complete overhaul of the original story, given FTH:K’s approach to creating fresh, startling, visually-accessible work. This is driven and given weight by the mentoring of director, Rob Murray, by Lara Foot herself, as well as FTH:K’s Company Director, Tanya Surtees, by arts organisation, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

At its heart, Womb Tide is an unconventional love story. Set in the mid to late twentieth century South Africa, it follows an eccentric and somewhat dysfunctional family through a story of love, loss and ultimate hope, and paints an impressionistic portrait of the complexities of family life.

Told through the memory of a child, it is at once deeply moving, funny, dark, heartbreaking, and ultimately redemptive. Presented by FTH:K, and featuring a stellar cast and crew, Womb Tide is a paean to love and perseverance, and a tour de force of visual and physical storytelling.

So, dates for this most awesome theatre piece include:

  • @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown: 22nd June (12 pm); 23rd June (3 pm & 9 pm); 24th June (6 pm); 25th June (3 pm)
  • @ Market Theatre, Johannesburg: 29th Aug – 26th Sept (8:15 pm)
  • @ Baxter Theatre, Cape Town: 8th  Nov – 4 Dec (8:15 pm)
  • 2011 onwards…THE WORLD!!