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This year is the first time that we have three consecutive classes of Fellows at the Kennedy Center concurrently.  This means that the KC is training over 40 young arts managers every year from 2010 on.  Cool, huh?  I can’t comment much on the new group as we have just met them but they hail from all over the world and seem to be a phenomenal group of people.  Not as cool as us, of course, but pretty damn awesome in their own right!  And the first thing we got to do with them was the 4th July KC party.  In previous years, we have always had a few days of Fellowship before the 4th of July party, but this year, the party was first on the list.  No complaints there!

The format of the event was very similar to previous years with all sorts of games and food stations and bars and tables lining the upper floor of the KC.  For us, it was a great event but for different reasons to previous years in that most of the event was spent reconnecting with KC staff members and Fellows who we hadn’t seen in a year, as well as getting to know the new group.  The fireworks display showed no sign of recession, going on for an impressive length of time – I always feel for every animal in DC, or the whole of the States for that matter, every 4th…they must crap themselves annually!!

Then, it was time to revisit the 51st State, our bar-away-from-home!  However, having a group of over 40 Fellows means that if before finding a table together was difficult, now it’s damn impossible!!  But, in our inimitable way, with just a little time and a lot of charm, we managed to take over the entire outside deck.  One guy who was just chilling there having a beer on his lonesome (and gave us his table, bless him, joining us for a drink) left complimenting us on how we had managed to infiltrate and take over so successfully! I thought about mentioning something about colonisation and learning from the best based on our various experiences in our countries, but thought better of it.  Hardly light conversation!

Oh, I’ve also bought a new camera which is great for the purposes of this blog because I get to give you decent pics.  The downside is that I am still learning how to use the thing and as such, after taking 10 pics at the party, the memory was full!  Yes, I was taking them at 5MB or something each!…And while I bought the camera, I totally overlooked getting a memory card too…ahem…clearly don’t do this often!  So, here’s what I got, limited as it is.  Tomorrow we start officially (today was a public holiday, given the 4th being yesterday) so I’ll be keeping you posted…

Keep ‘em peeled…