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(Thoughts on the final year of the Kennedy Center’s Arts Management Fellowship – by Company Director Tanya Surtees)

So, after what seemed a relatively short flight (going direct from JHB to DC with a short fuel stop in Dakar – thanks Joel!), I have landed in DC.  As this only happened yesterday, this blog post is going to be fairly short but I thought I’d set up the routine of blogging from as soon as possible this year.  You know, before the beer, tequila and, oh, right, the learning get going!

Not one of my fellow Fellows is here yet.  Well, not that I have seen, at least.  Yip.  I fly aaaaaaaall the way from Cape Town and still manage to get here before the rest of them!  So far, I know that Mr Albania (Fation) is stuck in Munich airport without a Schengen Visa, having missed his connecting flight;  Ms Mexico (Denisse) is stuck in Dallas, for reasons unknown; and Johann (fellow South African Fellow) left the day before me and still hasn’t got here!!  And knowing him, he could be anywhere!!  So right now it’s just me and my jetlag kicking back in DC.  Oh, of course the new group of First Years are already here – the First Year programme is 4 weeks long, while the Second and Third, only 3 weeks.  But I haven’t met any of them either and I guess I could have walked right past them in the lobby and not even have known.

As I have said before, this year is bitter-sweet, being my last year here, and I plan to squeeze every last bit of experience out of it.  Of that you can be sure!  But extra special about this year is that the lovely Ukhona Mlandu-Letsika is here as well – as part of the First Year team.  She is, of course, the Artscape Resource Centre Manager by day but moonlights as part of FTH:K’s Executive Committee so besides being an awesome person to have in DC with me, it’ also really special for the Company to have her continuing the line of FTH:K in DC!

Ok.  That’s it from me for now.  Watch this space for details as I will be blogging as regularly as possible, and don’t forget that if you want to keep up to date with the Company in Grahamstown (they’re gearing up for the National School’s Fest right now) keep an eye on our Facebook page.  Ok?  Come on…we can’t do all the work ;-)