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So, the website information about the 10 km walkathon was incorrect and in fact the registration deadline has been extended to the 13th October!! This means that if you wanted to join us before, but weren’t sure if you could, you now have until the 13th to decide!!

And if it is the R60 registration fee that is holding you back, one lovely walker has offered to pay for someone to walk with us.  So there’s no excuse!

Remember: the bigger the team, the more both causes score!

If you are still keen to join, see the registration details below – but remember to CONTACT US if you plan to join us so we can make sure we have a T-shirt made for you:

* CREATE A PROFILE: Firstly, you have to register a new profile online (or on the forms if you would prefer) in order to enter, so don’t be confused by the Login page!

* PROOF OF PAYMENT: Walker’s entries will be acknowledged only when payment is reflected on the account. Verify your payment after 48 hours to confirm that your entry has been processed by visiting or calling 011 844 0419
Fax: Make a direct deposit/EFT into the account and fax your entry form along with your proof of payment to 086 654 1187
• Account number: 1522 173 536; Branch name: Epsom Downs; Branch number: 152205

* TEAM NAME: NB – please use the reference ICH – J/Your team name and surname to make sure you are added to TEAM WOMB TIDE