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So.  We had A Plan.  For the record, we had A Plan, ok??  And it was all written out on a smart Excel doc, with dates and times and activities and relevant people and everything.  But there’s a saying about “best laid plans” and all that, and lo, how true it has rung for us.  Firstly, the PX container, with all our QUACK! and Womb Tide stuff in it didn’t arrive.  However, after much phoning and wailing and gnashing of teeth, it finally got delivered an entire week after it was sent, and a day later than it was needed.  Luckily, The clever Plan (and the awesome Market Theatre technical crew) saw us being ahead of schedule by a day or two.  So, when we finally began, we were a day late for being early but on schedule, in fact.  If that makes sense.

Then, there was a delay in our funding, which meant we couldn’t get paid on payday.  Again, we had A Plan in place, but, you know, funders go on holiday; reports get lost; people with signing-off power go to workshops for days…and the 25th comes and goes…and even the Womb Tide puppet starts worrying.

But all these things we can deal with.  The set arrived and the funding came in today (so drinks on us tomorrow ;-)).  But what are we to do about this strike??  One has to marvel at how NOT PART OF THE PLAN it was for us to be in South Africa’s political hotspot, running a theatre festival that targets schools as 50% of its programme, just when a major strike including teachers, army and police force is about to break out!!!  For the love of theatre, Zuma, if for no other reason, find a decent compromise in the next 2 days!!!

Luckily the QUACK! team had a sense of humour about it all in today’s Tech Rehearsal:

QUACK team strikes

Eish.  Sometimes this job we do is not easy.  In fact, often it’s not easy, but it’s rewarding when it pays off.  And on that we hang our hopes for the coming week.  (Check the pics so far)

Good vibes, everyone, good vibes!