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Well, last night was a huge success – far more than the photography skills featured on this blog post.  It was a very, very special evening for a number of reasons.

  1. It was our first showing of QUACK! in front of real people. LB TB LdK at discussion
  2. It worked!
  3. People engaged and stayed on to discuss the show waaaaaaaaaaaay longer than we thought they would
  4. It was the first step in a collection of exclusive events that FTH:K is going to be hosting for its most avid supporters and members
  5. It was a reminder of how the relationship between the Conspiracy of Clowns and FTH:K is such a mutually beneficial one

Group discussion 3There are more reasons, like how cool it is to work with the collaborators on board and that it always warms in deep places to see a piece starting to come together and that Rob Murray is a creative genius-come-crazy-person (the person writing this blog might be a bit biased there) but these are the ones that stick out most.

THANK YOU to all our friends and members of the FTH:K family for your eternal love and support.  You really are much of the reason we do what we do over and over again.

So, Janni Younge has been furiously making masks for us all, and last weekend, the crew all got together to help her.  Kinda cool because it meant that they learnt how to make masks, and she got some extra hands to help the process move forwards.  Win-win, I’d say…

The masks look a lot different to these photos by now as they are almost finished but for you, intrepid blog-reader, here’s a sneak preview of what they are going to look like…don’t say we don’t look after our own…

So, the National Arts Festival is getting closer with every step.  The office is abuzz with marketing plans, posters and paper skulls, while the rehearsals space – now with its gutters in all the right places – is rocking with QUACK! rehearsals.  So what if we could all do with another week?!  So what if the mask-maker got the flu and so we lost a day?!  QUACK! is still going to rock.  Oh, yes, it will…despite how the cast may be feeling now…;-)