Join the Family!

and play your part in supporting South Africa’s premier Deaf and hearing theatre company.


For a number of (very good) reasons.  For example:

  1. You believe the Deaf should have equal access to the performing arts in South Africa
  2. You want to help in sustaining a local theatre company
  3. You know and love the work we do, and want to show support
  4. You hate the tax man and believe any claimable expense is worth it!

There is no reason too silly to join.  Really.  We’re a group of clowns, after all!

So, for only R100 a year (or more), you can become a FAMILY MEMBER and:

  • Adopt a clown
  • Adopt a programme
  • Adopt a current company need
  • Adopt the Company

What this means is that you can decide where your money goes and what it is used for.  Cool, huh?

Another reason to join is to benefit from the cool stuff that comes with being a FAMILY MEMBER:

  • Invitation to one exclusive Membership Event every year
  • Reduced tickets to FTH:K performance and workshop programmes
  • Access to observe FTH:K training sessions and dress rehearsals
  • Advanced notification of all FTH:K programmes
  • The knowledge that you are making a difference in thousands of South African’s lives annually

So, join the Family and turn small money into big change!

Adopt a clown

You can specify that your money goes towards the costs (i.e. training, salary) of a specific Company member.
Adopt a programme You can put your money towards a specific programme (i.e. our Deaf training programmes, touring programmes, performance programmes)
Adopt a current Company need At any given time, FTH:K is saving up for something. Right now, we are saving up for the Listen With Your Eyes Festival at the Market Theatre. These needs will be posted on our revised website as they arise.
Adopt the Company If you have no specific area in which you want to see your money used, you can simply Adopt the Company and allow FTH:K to decide on where best to use your donation.

For more information on any of the above, please contact Tanya at

021 – 448 2838, 083 528 3501 or

And remember, FTH:K now has Section 18A status, which means your donation, no matter how small, is tax deductable!!

  1. […] If you’re not a member, you’re missing out! On Youth Day (appropriately, given the themes of the play), Womb Tide played to its first audience.  And if you weren’t there, it’s because it was an exclusive preview for our Members and VIP’s only.  Just another reason why you should be joining the FTH:K Family… […]

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