FTH:K’s 6th “Benchmark” Birthday Party – formerly known as the AGM.

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Benchmarks, Conspiracy, Shortcuts

*a collaborative blog post between Tink and The Muslim

Group pic 3 Benches was the theme for this year’s Annual Party to herald the coming of our brand new piece, Benchmarks which premieres on the Main Festival at the National Arts Festival (NAF) later this year.

The venue for this years AGM was Kwalapa at the Montebello Arts and Crafts centre, graciously provided the very cool Patrick Schofield. This quaint, crafty venture in Newlands has a tree in the middle of the store, growing through the roof. Perfect for a bunch of crazy clowning misfits that is the FTH:K family. To match the  theme we had picnic food on clothed tables, around the big tree in the middle of the room. We even had a cake with a bench proudly marked FTH:K on it! Complemented with the wonderful wine from Distell, one of our favourite supporters.

Our Trainees presented excerpts of Tales from the Trash and Shortcuts between project reviews.

The outgoing Treasurer presents
Our out-going treasurer, Charles, gave the financial review and contrary to popular opinion on accountants and financial reviews, he was funny. We are very sorry to lose him but wish him all the best on his new journey. (PS to all the single ladies: He is charming, funny, and single; please contact the office for further details ;)

Ugli Bob gave everyone a very handy run down of the FTH:K journey over the last 6 years (can you believe it?! 6 years?!) which will be its own blog post soon because sourcing the artwork from all the various shows is proving pretty time-consuming!

But most important is what’s coming happening in 2011 and what exciting stuff still lies ahead.  The trainee piece Shortcuts has already toured to Gauteng and KZN, and in September will take on the Western Cape…that’s after a performance or two in Washington DC on the Artsbridge International Exchange project.  The Conspiracy of Clowns premiered their new piece Kardiàvale in May (maybe you caught it recently at the Intimate Theatre?) and the Conspiracy together with FTH:K, debuts Benchmarks on the Main Programme at the National Arts Festival. Then there’s the Out The Box Festival (look out for Benchmarks, Kardiàvale and Little Jackie Paper), the Hilton Festival, and finally, in November FTH:K’s newest work Masked In-Tensions on at the Intimate Theatre.

Referring to the company as rich, strong misfits, Rob concluded, “The best is yet to come.”

Onwards and upwards to the next 6 years!

  1. conrad says:

    Wow! Congratulations FTH:K ……… how time flies…Duh! Obviously! I still remember trying to avoid Tanya’s calls …. with all her questions on governance issues of an NPO and the cell phone heating up my ears and having to navigate her questions and the crazy Joburg traffic. ….or was it was it my brain cells being overworked?

    With such a crazy bunch – from what was gleamed from all the spam notifications of you crazy work, CRAZY is the new game changing revolution!
    All the best to all the crazy people out there!
    Hope to meet any of you during your next Sexennial!
    Conrad (not giving my cell number)

    • fthk says:

      Hahahah!! Hi Conrad ;-) We owe much of our “good governance” to your generosity, your burning ear, and your brilliance with answering questions while driving! Thanks so much for your support always, and remember, if you’re ever in Cape Town, there’s a beer with our name on it! XXT (I still have your cell number ;-)

  2. […] of you, those loyal enough to have been at our AGM will remember Ugli Bob‘s rundown of the artistic journey which explained how we got to now and […]

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