benchmarks2 ONCRM 200

Rehearsals have started and the countdown is on to the opening of FTH:K’s newest associative extravaganza: Benchmarks to be presented on the Main Programme at the National Arts Festival.

a conspiracy of clowns, in association with FTH:K and the National Arts Festival, will knock festino socks off with Benchmarks from 4 to 6 July at Graeme College Theatre, with its small story of great hope and rebirth.

What’s it all about??

A timid middle-aged clerk.  A reclusive widow.  A young Zimbabwean refugee.  In the Mother City, three desperate and lonely individuals get drawn into an unlikely relationship that will lead them on a journey of discovery, companionship, tragedy, and reconciliation – one that will ultimately transform their lives forever.

Set against a backdrop of the frailties and complications of human relationships; the violence and hardships of life in South Africa; and the dreams and desires for a better life; Benchmarks is a poetic celebration of the human spirit told by three performers in full character mask.

Ugli says, “Benchmarks explores the possibilities and tragedies of change – the concepts of hope, rebirth and celebration of friendship. As always, we are looking for ways to push boundaries in our story-telling and, for the first time, we are setting the work in a specific place –Cape Town. This enables us to create an exciting interaction between our striking signature visual style and the real world of here and now. Benchmarks tells human stories with themes that will resonant with a contemporary audience”.

WHEN? Monday 4 July at 16h00, Tuesday 5 July at 16h00 and 20h00 and Wednesday 6 July at 16h00 and 20h00
WHERE? Graeme College Theatre
COST? Tickets cost R48 and R32 for students


Who dunnit??

Devised by: the cast from a story by Rob Murray
Directed by: Rob Murray
Cast: Liezl de Kock, Daniel Robinson and Thumeka Mzayiya
Set and Props by: Craig Leo
Mask design and construction by: Cristina Salvoldi
Sound design by: Brydon Bolton and Jacques Toile
Costume design by: Jayne Batzofin
Lighting Design by: Rob Murray

Not going to the NAF??

Feel sad, yes, but not too sad.  Why?  Because Benchmarks will also be performed at Out the Box festival in Cape Town in September this year. If you’re elsewhere in the country, start lobbying at a theatre near you…

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  2. Trevor says:

    Looking good, looking good…will only be in SA from 6-31 August visiting from Bonn in Germany, anything happening anywhere during this time?
    Bonn, Germany

    • fthk says:

      Unfortunately, that’s when our team will be in Washington DC . Rehearsals for our new work start on the 22nd Aug, but I’m sure that’s not the kind of entertainment that you’re looking for!

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