We came; we walked; we blistered!

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Womb Tide

iIthemba Walk 001

Today, MUCH earlier than most people would, FTH:K members and supporters got their bums out of bed and headed to the Green Point Stadium to walk 10km in support of Breast Cancer Awareness as TEAM WOMB TIDE!

After the general chaos involved in finding the rest of your team at these events (sorry we didn’t find you, Dorothea and Ivan!), we set off. The idea was to walk together but found we soon broke up into groups according to the speed people were walking. Not a problem seeing as our awesome shirts made us walking, talking adverts for Womb Tide at the Baxter in November…and it worked! People looked and asked, and hopefully we’ll see them in our audiences!

So WELL DONE to all the walkers, and those of you who didn’t manage to join us this time, there’ll be others.  Well…once the blisters heal, that is…

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