LWYE Poster DRAFT 2 - ONCRM 250 Wow. So you know when you have been planning, discussing, thinking about, working on, and preparing for something for what seems like an age and then all of a sudden there it is, bam! Right in front of you, and you wonder how the hell it got there??  Welcome to our world right now! Right now we are preparing to open our first ever season at The Market Theatre with not one but two FTH:K works and a workshop and exhibition programme to boot. And we have to keep fighting off the feeling that we are playing dress-up in mom’s clothes, and take on the idea that might be growing into our own…

This project at The Market started more than a year ago, when, over Chinese food and red wine, we asked what The Market Theatre was doing to encourage the (pretty sizable) Deaf community in Jozi to come to more theatre. And from that, a conversation began that grew in size and voice, until it was bigger than we ever though it would be when we first birthed it. The project got a name. Listen With Your Eyes: a festival of the visual. It got a home. The Market Theatre. And it got some awesome partners, like Arts Alive and Distell and CitiVibe. And it got two fantastic productions: QUACK! and Womb Tide. And then a workshop programme that runs alongside it. And then interactive exhibitions at Sci-Bono and a visual art exhibition by Deaf artist Tommy Motswai…and then Darren Rajbal even agreed to come and open the whole Festival!! It’s one thing to know that you have a good idea to roll with, but quite another when you see it all come together as other people share the vision. Hats off to The Market for coming onboard what many other theatres might have run from…

Seeing as almost the full company is up here in Joburg (we’re just missing Sma, Yusrah and Ma Angela) as well as some of our extended FTH:K family (Dan, Jori, Kim and Tara) this blog is going to be about this Fest for…well…at least the duration of the blog-writer’s stay in JHB!

Keep ‘em peeled for more tomorrow…but until then, here’s to new and exciting adventures…


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