The board that rules our lives

Posted: August 16, 2010 in FTH:K Online, Just For Fun

And strangely, we’re not talking about our Executive Committee!

Recently our designer, Tom, came to visit to teach us how to update our website from this side – such an awesome website; such an awesome dude. Anyway, a friend popped in to drop him off at the office and in doing so, happened upon The Holy White Board.

The what?!

The Holy White Board.  The skeletal structure of FTH:K’s yearly planning.  The thing that makes sure that FTH:K knows what it is doing at all times.  The piece of wall that makes us warm in deep places when we look at it. Well…some of us, at least…

So impressed was he that Google Alerts informed me the following day that the pictures he took of it (yes, he took pictures) had ended up on his blog…check it out!

But if you don’t have the time for that, simply scroll down and marvel at the wonder that is our


The board that rules our lives

You might notice splashes of colour here and there, yes?  That’s because we have coloured-coded everything!  So what you’re looking at is a collection of confirmed performances, pending performances, confirmed workshops, pending workshops, school holidays, refresher breaks (yes, we get some of those), birthdays, special days, and magnetic funder’s logos reminding us of our funding deadlines.  Each with their own colour and/or shape. Tell me this doesn’t move you??

The pink thing is today

Oh, and as we explained to him, the pink thing is TODAY.

Feel free to contact us for all specialised Holy White Board consultation…


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