Fun at the Fest!

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Festivals, Pictures of You, QUACK!, Womb Tide

Once more, this blog is about to become schizophrenic!  The full team is still in the National Arts Festival while our Company Director (that’s me!) gets ready to head off for her final year at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC.  And I know that many of you remember that she was there because this blog has never had as many hits as it did last year when I was there!

So, if the themes of the blog seem to be all about DC and Arts Management, and are written in the first person, you’ll know why!

But while I’ve got your attention, I thought I’d fill you in on the NAF so long.  Not that you had any doubts, but In can say that we have been rocking at the National Arts Festival over the past 10 days.  Was the extra-long Fest a success?  Well, the jury’s still out on that and I imagine the experience of that first week of Fest is going to differ hugely from Main to Arena to Fringe to individual productions.  Our experience of that extended first week was something that I think might be symbolic of the theatre environment in general.  It’s not that there were no audiences out there, or that they weren’t buying tickets.  There were.  And they were.  Simply put, they were just being more discerning with where they put their money.  That’s not to say that anyone who struggled with houses was presenting a kak show.  It means that they weren’t getting the word out about their show, that’s all.  More and more, we as artists have to get cleverer and more strategic about how we tell people about the work we are making.  Especially when at the Macro of live performance that is the National Arts Festival.

Anyway, Womb Tide played in the first week and caused quite a stir. We played to packed houses and excited audiences, with people being moved to tears and moved to become members!  It was very affirming.  Check out out Facebook page for what the critics had to say.

Currently, QUACK! and Pictures of You are burning up the Cape Town Edge platform and once they’re done, Womb Tide and Pictures of You take on the National School’s Festival!  Yes, I’ll say it once more: we work haaaaaaaaaaaaaard for the money!!

So, with that, I have to go and pack, having realised that my plane leaves at 2 pm tomorrow, not 6 pm as I thought!  Next you hear from me, I’ll be in the US of A…but the NAF team will keep you updated on their progress beyond, I’m sure…

I’ll leave you with the face of FTH:K’s future: our Trainees at the Long Table!

Christo at NAF 200 Marlon at NAF 200 Tomri at NAF 200


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