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Posted: June 2, 2010 in Awards, QUACK!

QUACK! Broken Heart - Pic by Toast Coetzer (250) Directed by Rob Murray

Featuring Liezl de Kock, Daniel Buckland, Emilie Starke, Marlon Snyders, Jori Snell, Tomri Steyn and Christopher Beukes

Nominated for the 2010 Handspring Puppet Award: Best Visual Theatre Production

Nominated for the 2009 Fleur du Cap Best Prop and/or Puppetry Design Award for the masks in QUACK! (Janni Younge)

Devised by the cast under the direction of Rob Murray, featuring masks by Janni Younge and Emilie Starke, sound design by James Webb and Brydon Bolton, set design by Jesse Kramer, and costume design by Leila Anderson, QUACK! comes at you like a sensory cyclone, unfolding un a series of mesmerising images.

A man lies dying in hospital, lost in fever and beset with visions. In his delirium, he fantasises himself away into a parallel universe, refashioning himself as a powerful healer. Part quack doctor, part motivational speaker, part politician and part alchemist, he travels the land aided by his long-suffering assistant and the dour presence of a number of acolytes. With them, he harvests the hopes and expectations of his audience and then extracts from that hope the very essence of people’s dreams

But what is he hoping to achieve with the collected dreams and symbols? And what is he building in his private laboratory? And how long can people be deceived and strung along before turning against the liar?

In a thrilling blend of physical and visual performance, infused with their signature approach to creating accessible, non-verbal performance, QUACK! is FTH:K upping the ante and boldly leaping into the unknown.

View QUACK! - pics by Toast Coetzer

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What the press have said about QUACK! :

…a new-age Afro-Gothic romantic thriller…an original, somewhat sexy, and deliciously disturbing production.” Cape Times

“…an intense, unique theatrical experience…fever dream of a production…prepare to have the dinges freaked out of you.” Cape Argus

“It really is poetry in motion.” Artslink

“…well worth seeing…powerful…Do yourself a favour. Get to Quack! and be surprised, moved, freaked out and entertained.” Bizcommunity.com

“…mind-blowing adventure…first-rate entertainment…spectacular…theatre that is on the edge…compulsory viewing for anyone who needs to colour in their imagination..” The Writing Studio

QUACK! is a treat” Citizen

“…fresh, exciting theatre – different from anything you’ve seen before.”  CUE

“Visually compelling…”  Artsblog

“Rob Murray and From the Hip: Khulumakahle triumph again!” Artsmart

  1. […] like from our rep. Womb Tide will be playing on the Festival’s new Arena Programme, while both QUACK! and Pictures of You will be back on the Fringe as part of the 2010 Cape Town Edge […]

  2. […] the Festival will present an artistic programme of outstanding non-verbal performance (that’s QUACK! by day, Womb Tide by night) with an   accompanying education programme of workshops, […]

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