Well, we know that we were involved in 3 Fleur du Cap nominations (Janni Younge in the category of Best Prop and/or Puppetry Design for her masks in both Pictures of You and QUACK!, and Rob Murray in the category of Best Lighting Design for the lighting in Pictures of You).  Our hangovers on Monday morning made us suspect that we had won at least one of them, and on checking the programme again, we realised we had won both!!

HUGE FTH:K congratulations to both Janni and Ugli Bob on their wins – drinks on them next time you see them…

Once again, the evening was a huge success – and we’re not just saying that because we won or had lots of champagne! It was a wonderful, classy event in celebration of the arts, and it’s thanks to supporters like Hertz & Lindt Chocolate that the awards can happen and happen in the style in which they do. But special mention must be given to Distell, who for over 40 years have been getting behind the arts in a huge way.  The Fleur du Cap awards are yet another example of the vision that Distell has in recognising the power of the arts, and of the mutually beneficial relationships to be had between the corporate sector and the arts sector.

So, to Rob, Janni, Distell, Hertz and Lindt: WE SALUTE YOU!

  1. Mum says:

    WONDERFUL NEWS. Beeeeeg congratulations to both.

  2. Bushie says:


    That is abs BRILLIANT!!!!!

    big BIG congrats

    much respect

  3. Nigel Vermaas says:

    Congrats to Janni and Rob. Sorry you weren’t at least nominated for direction, Rob!


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