Sencity – what a joll!

Posted: March 16, 2010 in QUACK!

Sencity poster 2010 On Friday night, the cast of QUACK! (and the rest of the FTH:K team) found themselves partying it up at the Sencity gig at the Old Biscuit Mill.  Sencity is a unique music event designed to bring the Deaf and hearing communities together through…well…partying! (Gotta love it.) The event is organized by a Dutch foundation called the Skyway Foundation, and aims to convert the passions of music into as many senses as possible. So, on Friday, the party boasted a Sense Floor (a dance floor that vibrates to the music), Aroma jockeys (spinning aromas across the dance floor), Video Jockeys, Sign dancers (interpreting the lyrics of songs into Sing Language) and a kick-ass line-up that included the likes of The Rudimentals, HHP, and DJ Ready D

FTH:K had been invited to perform at last year’s Sencity (at the Zip Zap dome) and we had taken the old and young Frank and Janet from Pictures of You around the party to interact with party-goers.  (Click here to see the Sencity 2009 DTV clip and spot Frank and Janet boogeying on the dance floor!)

Based on the success of 2009, we were invited back to the 2010 Sencity event and this time…we brought the QUACK! family!!  As you may or may not know, QUACK! is an Afro-gothic thriller.  This means the masks are pretty scary!  So, just as the party got going and people were starting to get comfortable on the dance floor, we unleashed the QUACK! family on them…and never have Zane Henry’s words rung so true: they sacred the dinges out of people!!  It was great to watch people’s reactions as out of the smoke and darkness, PB090296these weird creatures appeared…and started preaching, dancing, fighting, playing, and handing out Out The Box Festival booklets, of course! Once the party-goers got used to the freaky family, they fell in love with them.  Photos were taken, dance partnerships developed, and generally, a great time was had by all.  Even a band as cool as The Rudimentals were intrigued by this merry band of crazies! 

If you get a chance, GO TO THE 2011 SENCITY PARTY!! It is so awesome to see the Deaf and hearing communities partying so comfortably side by side.  But if that’s not of interest to you, it is quite simply, an excellent jolll!


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