QUACK! comes out the box

Posted: March 11, 2010 in QUACK!

We had a meeting with a potential sponsor the other day and when we told him that we were presenting QUACK! the Out The Box Festival, we could see he looked a little confused.  After a moment, he simply said that he wasn’t aware that we engaged in gay issues.  Then it was our turn to look confused. Turns out, “coming out the box” to Holland is “coming out the closet” to us!  Language. Gotta love it.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to say QUACK!’s back! And its short run at the OTB Fest will be the last time it plays in Cape Town before heading off to the National Arts Festival in July and then the Market Theatre in September.  So don’t be a stupid! BOOK NOW!

Details?  Oh, alright then:

  • VENUE: Arena Theatre, Hiddingh
  • DATES: Thurs 25 Mar @ 6pm; Fri 26 Mar @7pm; Sat 27 Mar @ 5pm
  • DURATION: 60 min

Devised by the cast under the direction of Rob Murray, featuring masks by Janni Younge, sound design by James Webb and Brydon Bolton, set design by Jesse Kramer, and costume design by Leila Anderson, QUACK! comes at you like a sensory cyclone, unfolding un a series of mesmerising images.

A man lies dying in hospital, lost in fever and beset with visions. In his delirium, he fantasises himself away into a parallel universe, refashioning himself as a powerful healer. Part quack doctor, part motivational speaker, part politician and part alchemist, he travels the land aided by his long-suffering assistant and the dour presence of a number of acolytes. With them, he harvests the hopes and expectations of his audience and then extracts from that hope the very essence of people’s dreams

But what is he hoping to achieve with the collected dreams and symbols? And what is he building in his private laboratory? And how long can people be deceived and strung along before turning against the liar?

In a thrilling blend of physical and visual performance, infused with their signature approach to creating accessible, non-verbal performance, QUACK! is FTH:K upping the ante and boldly leaping into the unknown.

  1. […] process and at the Out The Box Fest we are getting just that.  Not only are we performing QUACK! 3 times but our Company Director has also been invited to speak as part of a panel on Wednesday 24 […]

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