Another rocking season of Pictures of You

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Pictures of You
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It is only a few days until March. Can you believe it?! Our last season of Pictures of You is now only 10 days passed but it feels like months! I guess that because we so enjoy looking towards to next big thing, the next exciting project, the next performance, the next tour….and dang, do we have a lot to look forward to

But before we get into all of that, it is important to take a moment to reflect on the run of Pictures of You, what some of our audience members thought of the show, and how how much our Opening Night rocked! We were thrilled to have a number of VIP’s there, from Premier Helen Zille, to MP Denise Robinson, to Mr & Mrs Nathan Holt of the USA Consulate General, to creative genius Lara Foot, to kick-ass theatre maestro Andrew Buckland, to controversial playwright Peter Septem…I mean, Mike van Graan, to FTH:K’s Executive Committee members, Advisory Board members, Development Committee members, to our wonderful media people, to…We’ll stop the list now lest we are accused of talking too much.  Heaven forbid!  Anyway, thanks to the outstanding photography of Sam Reinders, if you weren’t actually at the Opening Night, you can enjoy it here on our humble blog and by the time you’ve got through the pics, it’ll feel like you were there!

Of course, our Opening Nights are generally full of smiles and happy people, not only because we throw great Opening Nights, but also because they usually include FTH:K supporters.  those who have already drunk the FTH:K Cool Aid, so to speak.  So how about hearing from audience members who came to watch the show throughout the run, and were moved to leave comments on our wall. 

Many comments were short and to-the-point, like: C’est Magnifique!!, Mind – blowing, BRILLIANT, WOW!, Amazing, Poetic, Intriguing!!, Poignant!, Deeply moving, Awesome & ingenious, Beautiful, Haunting, Remarkable!!, Magical and inspirational!!, Beautiful visual storytelling, Pictures of awesomeness, and (an FTH:K favourite) Freaking sick!  But there were also comments that were longer and spoke of deeper responses to the performance:

  • I have no idea or words to explain what I just witnessed. Phenomenal!!
  • Riveting theatre, quite remarkable performers. Brilliant portrayal of theatre @ its best
  • Never saw better stuff (listened with my heart)
  • I loved every minute! You have taught me so much in that 1 hour, will never forget!
  • Mind boggling, captivating & enthralling!!! Brilliant stuff
  • Brilliant. Excellent performance. We had to use our heads and hearts
  • Oh, oh, oh! I wanted to come and see this show for such a longs time and now finally…WOW- Amazing!
  • Why not? Let’s never let your dream go away! I believe!
  • Pictures of You, Pictures of Me?
  • So close to home. Thank you for portraying something so real
  • You make us keep coming back again and again. Thank you!
  • A ride of anxiety, tension, laughter – brilliance and power without words
  • You guys rock my world!

And then the comments that wow us most – for obvious reasons:

  • Even better than the first time!
  • Second time around. Love It!!!
  • Excellent!!! For the second time
  • 2nd time – still compelling…hear a pin drop STUFF
  • Amazing! Seen it before and coming to see it again! Deeply moving! LOVELY!
  • Beautiful – this is my second time and my friends third!
  • 4th Viewing…and just as brilliant as before

So, to everyone who came to support us once, twice, three times a lady, know that FTH:K is giving you great waving hands of gratitude!  We know that without people who want to see what we do, we would amount to very little.  We look forward to seeing you again in the theatre…

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