FTH:K takes its place at the Fleur du Caps

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Awards, Pictures of You, QUACK!
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Cast shot 1 - smaller

We’re a Visual Theatre company, right?  And we’d like to think we’re at least above-average at what we do, right??  Well, then, it’s no surprise that our performances of QUACK! and Pictures of You should find their way into three 2009 Fleur du Cap nominations, in two of the most important Visual Theatre categories that the FDC’s have: Best Prop/and or Puppetry Design and Best Lighting Design!  That’s right, folks.

Our wonderful collaborator, Janni Younge, has been nominated in the category of Best Prop and/or Puppetry Design for her masks in both Pictures of You and QUACK! (as well as for her work on The Tempest because that’s how much she rocks), and our very own Rob Murray has been nominated in the category of Best Lighting Design for the lighting in Pictures of You.

When asked how he felt about the nomination, Rob “Ugli Bob” Murray managed to dry his eyes with his sleeve just long enough to say, “I’m…just…so…happy!…” before breaking down again into unintelligible sob-comments that included something about not even being a lighting designer.

Now, we have no control over who will win these awards but with your help, we could make a go at scooping the FDC People’s Choice Award: simply click here, head to the top right of the page to the People’s Choice Award link, click and vote for your favourite (FTH:K) production of 2009. The People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards ceremony in March, and you know you’d like it to be us!

We at the Company are super-thrilled for all the nominations and applaud all the nominees for their participation Kapetown Kultcha in 2009.  Mostly, we look forward to finally being invited legitimately to the Fleur du Caps…

Read more about the other awesome Nominees, and REMEMBER: Pictures of You is only on at the Baxter until this Saturday, and with tonight already being SOLD OUT, it’s best you hurry to book your tickets!

  1. Mum says:

    Way to go Rob! Well done. We are so proud of you both.

  2. Rose says:

    Fantastic news on all the nominations, R & T! Robs, all that ‘fiddle-fanting’ is being justly recognised at last. Much love.

  3. Dr.Q says:

    L.S. !!

  4. […] Well, we know that we were involved in 3 Fleur du Cap nominations (Janni Younge in the category of Best Prop and/or Puppetry Design for her masks in both Pictures of […]

    • JenniB says:

      You deserve all that and more – wow, wow, wow – and to all those who have taught us to listen with our eyes – I thank you
      And now for more magic and for the next awards!!

  5. Stefan says:

    Dit laat my hartjie sommer bokspring van vreugde! Well done you guys!!

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