Pictures of You – back by popular demand!

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Performances, Pictures of You

Distance ONCRMThat’s right, folks!  Pictures of You was so popular last year that we have decided to bring it back for a short 2-week run at the Baxter Theatre’s Golden Arrow Studio from

1st – 13th February @ 8:15 pm

for all those people who didn’t get a chance to see it.  And judging by the number of people who asked us when it would be on again after it closed last year, there are a fair number of them!

(CLICK HERE to book your seats before someone else does)

As you know, we like to make the theatre-going experience well worth it by offering you quality theatre at affordable prices.  And this year is no different.  Have a look at these awesome prices and specials, and note that all you FTH:K members out there get hugely reduced rates:

  • Monday: R60 (includes a ticket for the performance as well as a light meal in the Baxter Restaurant. Tickets available from Baxter Box Office only.)
  • Tuesday: R75 (Tuesdays = Twosdays. Pay R75 for 1 ticket and get two!)
  • Wednesday & Thursday: R75
  • Friday & Saturday: R95

SPECIALS (valid Wed – Sat)

  • Block bookings of 10+ & concessions (students, pensioners, Deaf and disabled): R65
  • FTH:K Members: R45 (bookings through the FTH:K office only)

So what does “Back by popular demand!” really mean?

We’ll give you a clue: it has nothing to do with what the critics and the theatre aficionados think (although we love and appreciate them hugely!).  It means that the general public…the average oke…you…your cousin…the guy next door…liked the show so much that they came in their droves and then begged for more performances.  And what the public asks for, the public gets!  (Provided it is asking for quality entertainment, of course.)

You already know that the press called Pictures of You “genius” (Cape Times), a “riveting” (Mail & Guardian), “seductive” (Cape Argus), “explosive” (The Sunday Independent)…and so on, but what did the Man On The Street think?  Isn’t that more relevant in this case?  Of course.  So just to prove a point, here are a few of the responses we got from audience members after seeing it at the Baxter last year:

A Moment Across Time as Old Frank watches - report“…one of the most affecting, disturbing, powerful pieces of theatre we have seen in a long time.” Jacqui

“…more, more, more. More of those amazing masks, more movement, more dance, more of those scary puppets.” Michael

“…a haunting piece of theatre…” Adrian

“A master piece of Mental pollution! Moving! Intense! Disturbing!…” Mannini

“It was awesome – three days on and I’m still thinking about it…” Louise

“Just about blew my head off…” Jurgen

“Superb!…simply awesome…beyond words…engaged all 5 senses- captivating the 6th sense !!! A must see for all.” ThavaPictures of You - Frank with travel brochure

“We were absolutely blown away” Kerstin

“…totally spellbinding…absorbed from the first minute.” Cathy

“O W O W  – OH WOW!!!!……inspiring for the rest of us who can only support that which we cannot do.” Jen

“The play was exceptional. It was really one of the best theatre experiences I have EVER had – genuinely moving, funny and poignant.” Dyrk

“…absolutely brilliant. One of the most powerful Pictures of You - Frank and Janet in bedpieces of theatre we have seen in years both internationally and nationally!” Tracey

“Every minute of the show expressed  rare theatre detail  which underscores our lives;  and the role of theatre as it underscores the human experience was given a special treatment…a memorable couple of hours…a unique theatrical experience…” Shirley

“…definitely right up there with some of the best that I have seen in my many years of theatre watching experience.” Bridget

And then a deliciously cheeky email saying:

“The show was awesome…Thought I would send you a blank email and let you figure it out with no words…” Bernine

Not bad, hey?!  Notice how often the word “best” was used??  So now you’ve heard it from both sides: the critics and The Man On The Street, and they both agree!!

Start spreading the news….

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