We’re back!!

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Performances, Pictures of You

Frank and Janet in bed 100 ONCRMYip, the FTH:K crew is officially back at work getting ready to bring you  another year’s worth of exciting, stimulating, ass-kicking theatre! If you want to know more about our 2010 programme click here but otherwise, get yourself ready for a short return season of Pictures of You, back by popular demand, at the Baxter Theatre’s Golden Arrow Studio from 1st February – 13th February.  Bookings have already opened and tickets are moving fast so don’t get caught out.  You may as well click here to book your tickets now coz you know you’re gonna!

Otherwise, the 2010 FTH:K team is tighter and brighter than ever before. Totalling 10, FTH:K includes the following awesome okes:

  • Tanya Surtees – Company Director
  • Rob Murray – Artistic Director
  • Angela van Schalkwyk – Operations Manager
  • Simangele Mabena – Education Coordinator
  • Liezl de Kock – Theatre Maker
  • Lysander Barends – Theatre Maker
  • Emilie Starke – Theatre Maker
  • Marlon Snyders – Theatre Maker
  • Christo Beukes – Trainee
  • Tomri Steyn – Trainee

And those are just the full-timers!  There are still a host of people who are going to be joining us for projects, programmes, dreams and schemes so we’ll keep you posted.

Until then, prepare yourself for fun in the FTH:K sun, which luckily shines all year long!


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