QUACK! is “poetry in motion”!

Posted: November 17, 2009 in QUACK!

Three more reviews are out and they all concur that QUACK! is well worth a look in.  Don’t believe me? You’ll have to check them out for yourself.  Don’t believe the reviewers?  You’ll have to check out the show for yourself! Only 5 more performances left and they are booking up fast…

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Cape Times ONCRM 200

In today’s Cape Times, Astrid Stark says, “…With its dark storyline and spine-tingling soundscape, it may best be described as a new-age Afro-Gothic romantic thriller. Quack! has it all; political greed, oppression, a bittersweet love story and death; gently laced with sporadic bursts of black humour…

…The story and characters display elements of The Bride of Frankenstein and Rocky Horror Picture Show. However, it retains a distinctly African flavour.  It is an original, somewhat sexy, and deliciously disturbing production…”

And then one of my favourite bits: “It is difficult not to fall in love with the enthusiastic cast and crew of FTH:K.”

(Click here for the full review)

Cape Argus ONCRM 200

In the Cape Argus today, Zane Henry says, “…what theatre group FTH:k (From the Hip: khulumakahle) is proving so good at is exploring that mine between dreams and reality using their trademark non-verbal performance. The story isn’t the most important thing. The medium is the message…

…The combination of Janni Younge’s surreal masks, James Webb’s nightmarish soundscape and director Rob Murray’s overarching vision makes for an intense, unique theatrical experience. Audience members are encouraged to meet the play halfway and fill in the spaces between the story’s components. Because nothing is certain, anything is impossible…

…Quack! tells a much bigger story in a big way. Its ambition still slightly exceeds its grasp, but this is a good thing. Theatre should sometimes be a little dangerous, especially when in the hands of a dynamic, talented young company.

This fever dream of a production is a credit to FTH:k and well worth your time. Just prepare to have the dinges freaked out of you.

(Click here for the full review)

Artslink ONCRM 200

And Fiona Gordon, writing for Artslink says FTH:K is “pushing the boundaries of theatrical exploration”, calls QUACK! a “theatrical sensation…Quirky, and interesting” and with “a phenomenal team of collaborators” she notes that “the design is incredible”. And just in case you weren’t convinced, she says:

“It really is poetry in motion.”

(Click here for the full review)

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