And the reviews begin!

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Performances, QUACK!

Yes we can So, with QUACK! having opened on Wednesday night, we have been getting lots of great feedback from our audience members and the general feeling is that QUACK! is a visual feast!  Some people have found it hard to follow, others didn’t find the narrative at all confusing, but everyone agrees that it is theatre unlike anything they have seen before and well-worth a look in.  We are also starting to get some of the official feedback – in the form of reviews –and so far, so good!

Daphne Cooper, writing for Bizcommunity, called it “well worth seeing” and “powerful”, and ends by saying “Do yourself a favour. Get to Quack and be surprised, moved, freaked out and entertained.”  Freaked out?!?  He he he!  I know the director will be happy with that one…  Click here to read the full review.

Jonathan Duguid, reviewing for The Lifestyle Show, says it “touches one in a special place, leaving the show bookmarked in one’s mind for a very long time”.  When trying to define the style of the piece, he battles, deciding that it is a style unto its own, a “wonderful neo-genre of spectacular imagery.”  Ultimately, he says, “…go and watch QUACK! It shan’t disappointClick here for his full review.

Slowly, slowly, we are going to take over the world…one theatre-goer at a time!!

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