A moment to breathe and take stock

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Ek Roep Vir Jou Vanaand, Industry Thoughts, Training

Last night, Ek Roep Vir Jou Vanaand opened at the Intimate Theatre on Hiddingh Campus to a wonderfully warm and responsive crowd. It’s such a charming production and with only 5 performances in its short run, it is in essence a project packed full of experiential learning for the people involved in it.  If you have ever produced a show, your first show, you will know what we mean.  It’s not just the show that you have to work on.  It’s all the teeny-tiny things that go into the creation of a performance event from page to stage.  Like??  Organising a guest list, programmes, flyers, tickets, an audience, a float, front of house, snacks, wine, a barman, a corkscrew and and and…! All this while making sure the performers have what they need, are doing what they need to do, and that the performance is ready to go up on time every night.  It’s not easy!  I’d like to say that we work haaaaard for the money, but I guess the truth is simply that we work hard!!

Through all of this, balancing full-time QUACK! rehearsals by day, the Ek Roep team has pulled it off and celebrated with an awesome Opening Night.  The FTH:K Management Team has taken a very hands-off approach in the whole process: if the Ek Roep team needed something done, the FTH:K professionals were there.  But it had to come from the Ek Roep crew first.  And to their credit, they took on the majority of the work themselves, wrestling with the beast and coming out triumphant on the other side.  And as we at FTH:K step back and take a breath, just before we launch into the final push for 2009, it’s important to look and where we’ve come from and what we have achieved.  So often our eyes are on that prize over there, in front of us, the one we’re driving towards.  And while that’s very necessary (if not vital) for growth, it’s equally important every now and then to look around at where you are, and back at where you started.  And feel proud.  Last night, we felt proud.  Of everything our small but big-hearted company has achieved.  We seem to be The Little Theatre Company That Could, and that’s a beautiful thing to be involved in.  Oh, it’s all so delicate and we always remind ourselves of how it could turn on its head at any moment, but for now, for this moment of calm, I think that it’s safe to say we are all really blessed to have joined FTH:K on its unexpected, unusual and unpredictable journey!

Grin FINAL inverted ONCRM 400 *grin*


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