QUACK! Back bigger and better than ever before!

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Performances, QUACK!

QUACK cropped inverted FTH:K has been lucky enough to have a couple of accolades under its belt: multiple awards; international invitations; first company of its kind in the country…there are more but we’re starting to blush already…

From the 10th – 21st November this year, with our production of Cast long shotQUACK!, we are trying for a new accolade – namely that of packing more stuff onto the stage of the Intimate Theatre than ever before!!  Seriously.  Ok, it’s not quite the Uno Jam, but dang, that stage is going to be full!  8 cast members, 2 stagehands, 1 live musician, 1 double base, and a 2-foot tower, you have to ask yourself, what is director Rob Murray thinking?!?!

What it does mean is that QUACK! is going to be a whole heap of awesome!  Already with a following from its initial performances at the National Arts Festival, QUACK! is an Afro-gothic fantasy – a visual tale of clown noir and dodgy deeds.  Check it:

A man lies dying in hospital, lost in fever and seemingly unknown illness. Yes we canIn his delirium, he fantasises himself away into a parallel universe, where the roles are reversed and he is a figure of substantial power. Part quack doctor, part motivational speaker, part politician, and part alchemist, he travels the land spreading his sermon of pop psycho-babble and other homilies. With the aid of his long-suffering assistant, and the dour presence of a number of acolytes, he builds up hope and expectation within his audience, and then harvests that hope, extracting from it the very essence of people’s dreams.

Innocent contemplates the world But what is he hoping to achieve with the collected dreams and symbols?  And what is he building in his private laboratory? And how long can people be deceived and strung along before turning against the liar?

In a thrilling blend of physical and visual performance, infused with our signature approach to creating accessible, non-verbal performance, QUACK! is FTH:K upping the ante, leaping out of the frying pan and into the pyre.

Step right up! Listen with your eyes!

But maybe you think this is all just FTH:K-propaganda.  Yes, it’s possible, but if that were the case, would people have said this about it after the Fest??

  • “A new offering from Khulumakahle – and another success. Join the talented performers in an afro-noir story that requires no words, and start to listen with your eyes as the physical vocabulary and soundscape capture your imagination. This is fresh, exciting theatre – different from anything you’ve seen before.” – CUE
  • Accolyte offers the promise of a future“If you stepped through the looking glass into one of those little handbills you see on lamp-posts telling you that Dr Muba Ngorhahangee (or whoever) can heal of you of anything from cancer to a broken heart – and can give you muti to win your court case and an abortion on the side, you might find it looks a lot like the surreal Afro-magical world evoked in Quack! ‘Visually compelling’ is the description my fellow theatre-goer came up with. And it fits perfectly. That, and a good dose of New Orleans Voodoo thrown in for good measure. The use of amazingly expressive and evocative masks is a trait they use very effectively, and director Rob Murray appears to love conjuring up theatrical tricks that offer rewarding surprises …Keep an eye on this play. It’ll soon be another feather in the cap for this award-winning company. Oh! And the soundtrack, as is usual for James Webb, is amazing, and if you simply go to see this show for its visuals and its sounds, you won’t be disappointed.” – Artsblog
  • In the dead of night “FTH:K Productions takes you into the nightmarish world with frightening masks and a soundtrack reminiscent of an aural hallucination in their non-verbal play Quack! And that’s only day one.” – Zoe Henry 6 July 2009
  • “Quack: FTH:K’s newest offering is even more bizarre and bewildering than last year’s Pictures of You. It’s more ambitious, more fantastical and more fraught with weak bits. It’s also likely to be, when it next runs at Cape Town’s Intimate Theatre in September, even more awesome.” – Cape Argus, 14 July 2009
  • “Rob Murray and From the Hip: Khulumakahle triumph again!” – Caroline Smart, 14 July 2009

So, what this all points to is the fact that the first version of QUACK! captured people in Grahamstown, despite its need to return to the rehearsal floor for more work.  Now it’s up to you to come along and decide for yourself: what is this new offering all about?

  • Directed by Rob Murray
  • Masks by Janni Younge
  • Sound design by James Webb and Brydon Bolton
  • Set and Props by Jesse Kramer
  • Costumes by Leila Anderson
  • Venue: Intimate Theatre, Cape Town
  • Dates: 10 -21 November 2009
  • Times: 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm (excl. Mingles Night)
  • Tickets: R35, R40, R50 (excl. Mingles Night)
  • Specials: Tuesdays is “Twos-days” –  pay R50 for 2 tickets!
  • Cast: Liezl de Kock, Lysander Barends, Emilie Starke, Taryn Bennett, Marlon Snyders, Jori Snell, and introducing Tomri Steyn and Christopher Beukes

Contact us if you would like to know more or if you would like to book your tickets.

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