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Posted: July 15, 2009 in Kennedy Center, Training
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As you may know – if you have been paying attention – that despite this blog being all from my point of view, there have actually been a number of Fellows around on the programme with me.  None of them as brilliant or amazing, mind you, but what can you do ;-)

Obviously I’m talking rubbish.  Both groups of Fellows selected by the Kennedy Center are amazing people doing amazing things in their various countries.  So, steel yourself for a whole list of awesome…

2008 – 2010 Fellows

NadaNADA MASSOUD (Head of Communication for the Al Bustan Festival; Lebanon;

The Al Bustan Festival is an international festival of music and performing arts that takes place annually during the months of February and March.  It presents a wide range of performances, from symphonic orchestra to chamber music, to operas, contemporary dance, oriental music, sacred music and jazz.  Since its inception in 1994, the Festival has been contributing to the revival of the cultural scene in Lebanon after the Lebanese war, and to date, has invited over 5000 international artists.  Each year the Festival is programmed around a theme, and in 2010 the theme will be Prima la Muzica (Music First).

Noora 2NOORA BAKER (Manager of El-Funoun Dance Troupe; Palestine;

El-Funoun Dance Troupe, established in 1979, is an independent non-profit organization that is volunteer-based.  The Troupe aims at developing and promoting contemporary Palestinian dance through reviving Palestinian folklore, deriving from it, building on it and adding to it El-Funoun’s unique dance style.  In 1986, El-Funoun established the Bara’em youth dance group to promote Palestinian-Arab cultural identity and to counter the marginalization and alienation of Palestinian children and youth through music and dance expression.  El-Funoun played a key role in establishing the Popular Art Centre in 1987, a community organization committed to raising awareness about the arts, and opening opportunities for community members to participate in artistic activity and expression.

Wendy WENDY CHUNG (Assistant Public Relations Manager of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts; China;

The Academy is one of the leading institutes of higher arts education in Asia. It offers training in dance, drama, film and television, music, theatre and entertainment arts, as well as Chinese traditional Theatre.

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Zvonimir ZVONIMIR DOBROVIC (Program Director and founder of Queer Zagreb and Perforations festivals; Croatia;

The Queer Zagreb Festival deals with challenging norms within a transitional, traditional and generally speaking uniformed post-socialist society by presenting artists, academics and activists from all over the world whose works address these issues. Queer Zagreb has been taking place annually since 2003 in April / May and has become one of the main international festivals in Zagreb.

Perforations is a new festival dedicated to producing new work by Croatian and regionally-established, as well as young and emerging, artists. The first Perforations will take place in Dubrovnik and Zagreb in September 2009 and will present 25 new theatre, dance and live art productions.

Denisse DENISSE FLORES SOMARRIBA (Public Affairs coordinator of Cultura UDG [Cultural and Arts Department of the University of Guadalajara]; Mexico;

Cultura UDG optimizes cultural infrastructure conditions, improves and creates cultural and artistic offerings for its student communities and society as a whole in Guadalajara and western Mexico.  It presents national and international performances and exhibitions, produces the International Book Fair of Guadalajara and International Film Festival of Guadalajara, and commissions and produces local Guadalajara artists.  The University of Guadalajara is a leading institution for culture and arts in Mexico.

She is also the co founder of the Female Sessions Festival, a multidiscipline festival that deals with social issues that have affected (and still affect) women throughout history, by presenting work by young female artists as well as artists that are recognized for their long artistic career.  Female Sessions currently takes place in Guadalajara but Denisse plans to develop it into a national project soon.

Johann JOHANN DAVIS (Marketing Manager for Jazzart Dance Theatre; South Africa;

Jazzart Dance Theatre is acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading dance/theatre performing company with an enormous creative and critical output.  Its roots and philosophies are located in the widest range of cultural experiences available within South Africa. Jazzart has a demonstrated practice of being a politically aware, socially responsible and multi-culturally inclusive performance company since the late 70’s.

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Mohammed MOHAMED ABDEL DAYEM (Director of Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center; Egypt;

Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center it is an architecturally stunning arts center in the Al Azhar area in Central Cairo. The center operates under the Ministry of Culture, and the Cultural Development Fund (CDF). Since finalizing restorations to the building in October 2005, it has become a hot-spot for organizing cultural events, festivals, workshops for children and courses in Arts History.

Katerina KATERINA KOUTNA (Marketing Director of Prague Spring International Music Festival; Czech Republic;

In its 65th year in 2010, the renowned Prague Spring International Music Festival is a springtime celebration of music.  With dozens of concerts of classical music, jazz and many other musical genres, providing a platform for artists of the highest quality, as well as symphony orchestras and chamber groups with an international standing.  The Prague Spring Festival also has a particular focus in showcasing younger performers.  The Prague Spring International Music Competition was established just one year after the festival itself, and is held each year in various instrumental sections.  Every year from 12 May to the beginning of June it brings over one thousand artists to more than forty thousand concertgoers and thus remains one of the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic.

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Eva EVA KESSLOVA (Managing Director of the BERG Orchestra; Czech Republic;

BERG Orchestra is a Czech orchestra that concentrates on programming new and 20th century music.  It regularly commissions new works with the best young Czech composers and performs these works at its concerts.  The mission is not only to promote new music but also to attract new audiences to it.  Very often, the concerts mix music with other art forms like dance, theatre, and film. BERG Orchestra performs not only in regular concert halls but it is constantly searching for new spaces to present its music.  Previous performance spaces include an old sewage plant, art cinema and modern art museum.

Angela ANGELA DELGADO VALDIVIA (Director of Cultural Activities at the Peruvian North American Bi National Cultural Center; Perú;

Based in Arequipa, this non profit organization is focused on promoting Peruvian and international contemporary art in the visual and performing areas.  It offers well-placed venues within a beautiful colonial house that have an interesting mixture of architectural styles.
This Bi-National Center, known as CULTURAL, also offers English as a second language and has one of the best libraries in town.

GeorgeGEORGE NDIRITU (Project Founder and Manager of Haba na Haba; Kenya;

Haba na Haba is a project linking creative arts with social improvement and community development activities.  Our mission is to provide education, and increase participation and appreciation of the arts. Haba na Haba is based in the Eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya, providing artistic activities to over 600 members.  Our activities include, Music, Drama, Dance, Fine arts and Acrobatics, and all activities are free and open to all.  Find out more on YouTube or click here and here.

Tamer TAMER ASSEM ALI (Director of Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center; Egypt;

Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center was established 2006 in the premises of the great sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar.  The Center aims to activate dialogue between different artistic media and the spectator through national and international exhibitions, workshops and cultural events.  The Center has 3 main sections: the Nahdet Misr Gallery, the Cultural Garden, and the Museum.  The NAHDET MISR GALLERY hosts various exhibitions, art projects, workshops, and screenings of films, documentaries and video art.  The CULTURAL GARDEN hosts open air events like musical concerts, theatre, performance art, workshops in different media and open air exhibitions.  The MUSEUM of the great sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar displays a unique variety of the artists’ productions.

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Other 2008 – 2010 Fellows (I’ll update this post as the info comes in) include:

  • Dr Abdullah Hassan Alghaith (Kuwait)
  • Fatjon Dragoshi (Albania; Ministry of Toursim, Culture, Youth and Sports)
  • Jing Zhu (China)
  • Dr Mahmoud Abuhashhash (Palestine; A. M. Qattan Foundation)
  • Pavlina Svatonova (Czech Republic)

2009 – 2011 Fellows

JoyceJOYCE YAO (Programme Manager of The Theatre Practice; Singapore;

At The Theatre Practice we may not be all shine and swanky-polish, but our charm lies in our unwavering commitment to our vision and beliefs.  Born in 1986 and founded by Kuo Pao Kun, we are Singapore’s first bilingual theatre company.  Whether we are young or old, of supple limb or weathered step, our boundless energy springs from our passion for creativity and the arts. And on the road ahead, we will continue to objectively critique life, respectfully entertain audiences, and always explore new uncharted waters.  Follow our blog or become a Facebook Fan.

JudePATRICK-JUDE OTEH (Artistic Director of the Jos Repertory Theatre; Nigeria;

The Jos Repertory Theatre is based in the city of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.  Our mission is to create unforgettable theatre for communities in and around Nigeria and to make Jos a way station for the performing arts in Nigeria.  Patrick-Jude runs the organization with five other colleagues and our core area of business is live theatre performances.  We also do a lot of work in and around communities aimed at education and awareness and we have started a touring program to five states in Nigeria taking in both schools and commercial performances.

The Great Falls & Lukas LUKÁŠ PRŮDEK (Head of Marketing and Production Department of Dejvicke Theater; Czech Republic;

Dejvicke Theater is a small drama theatre in the Prague district of Dejvice. Dejvicke Theater was founded 17 years ago as a Non-Profit Organisation by its director, Eva Merickova, and among Czech theatres, is considered as one which produces high quality performances with great and well-known Czech artists.

Kheri KHERI A. YUSSUF (Senior Project Administrator of Dhow Countries Music Academy; Zanzibar;

The mission of Dhow Countries Music Academy is to “preserve, develop and promote the musical heritage of Zanzibar”.  Its core business is offering access to music training, music agencies, recording studios, and outreach Programmes for schools and villages.  Its geographical scope includes Zanzibar, United Rep of Tanzania (base), East Africa, and Indian Ocean Islands and it has Main Partner Organisations in Egypt, Palestine, Norway, Germany.

Ji Yeon JIYEON PARK (Assistant Manager, Performing Arts Programming and Marketing of Daejeon Culture and Arts Center; Korea;

Since its opening in October, 2003, Daejeon Culture and Arts Center, a subsidiary organization of city of Daejeon, has gained its reputation as one of the most vibrant local performing arts organizations in South Korea.  There are four resident performing arts groups in the centre which include Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, Daejeon Philharmonic Choir, Daejeon Metropolitan Dance Theatre and Daejeon Civic Youth Choir.  Daejeon Culture and Arts Center generally presents 90 performances from various performing arts genres throughout the year.

Federico FEDERICO BRAUN (Administration Manager of Tate Modern ; Great Britain;

The Tate Modern was established to increase public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of British art from the sixteenth century to the present day and of international modern and contemporary art.

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Other 2009 – 2011 Fellows include:

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