QUACK! begins…

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Festivals, QUACK!

So after a long time of planning and dreaming and meeting and dealing with stallings like builders and dust and plaster and hectic schedules and so on we’re on the next step of the journey.

image0003First step was to cast our faces for the mask making process.  We’ve been thinking about which materials to build the masks with – do we go more organic with stitchings and bandages and so on, or closer to the Pictures of You style with papier mache?  One would love the time to truly explore even the choice of construction and different options, but time and budget is not always on our side.

Our venue in Woodstock is being renovated, which is awesome.  Truly awesome.  But man, such bad timing.  So we’re having to rent a space in the Obs Community Centre where…yep, you guessed it, renovation is happening.  Can’t wait to see what effect the drills, hammers, scrapings, dust, paint, and so on have on the ultimate shape of the work.

image0012But no, the photo to the right is not to protect us from the dust, but an investigation with the ‘flu mask.  That’s all I’m saying now…or is it?

Stay tuned for hopefully more regular updates and behind the scene sneak peeks.  QUACK! is gonna be something else…


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