At FTH:K we are proud to announce our latest venture – QUACK!


It is simply an exceptional team: on the performance front is Liezl de Kock (Pictures of You and GUMBO), Lysander Barends (GUMBO and Ek Roep vir Jou Vanaand), Taryn Bennett (Frogs and Dr Collinger’s Funeral Service), and Marlon Snyders (GUMBO and Ek Roep vir Jou Vanaand).  Masks are by Janni Younge who designed and made our excellent masks for Pictures of You).  Set and props are by Jesse Kramer (of Koos Sas, Ghoema!, The Kramer and Pieterson Songbook fame).  Costumes are by Leila Anderson (BeLongings and Isabella).  And the sound design is by the award-winning James Webb (of Pictures of You, Rump Steak, Orpheus, and…ooh, just about everything else).

And the whole shebang is produced by FTH:K which means that the hottest up and coming theatre manager, Tanya Surtees, is behind it all.

Yes. Stop right there. Read back and let those names wash over you again. Those are like your director’s wet dream, and I am the lucky, lucky director.

So what is QUACK!?

From the makers of Pictures of You and GUMBO comes a new venture into the unknown.

So many lies, so little time…welcome to the shadowy, clown noir world of QUACK!

In a world where everything is for sale, and nothing has any value anymore, an ambitious drifter, addicted to quick scams, dreams up his definitive deceit – his masterpiece of mendacity.  Enlisting the aid of his long-suffering partner, a quiet and melancholic woman, he sets his plan in action.

But lies have the habit of consuming the liar.  And karma is sometimes waiting just around the corner.  And then there are the ghosts and victims of a million failed scams and past misdeeds…

In a thrilling blend of physical and visual performance, infused with their signature approach to creating accessible, non-verbal performance, QUACK! is FTH:K upping the ante and boldly leaping out of the frying pan and into the pyre.

It’s a battle for the soul of humankind.  It’s a visceral, visual bombardment of the senses.

Listen with your eyes!

Step right up!

QUACK! drops 2 July 2009 in Gatstad.  Capetonians, hang onto your dominoes – you have a sneak preview that you’ll hear about in a little bit right here.

Set your clocks.  Set your minds.  Ssh!  Don’t say a word…tell a soul…the clowns are coming…

  1. […] the 2009 National Arts Festival gets ever-closer, FTH:K is in rehearsal creating its newest work, QUACK!, for its première on the 2nd July at Masonic 1.  QUACK! is best described as a dark and twisted […]

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