FTH:K at the NAF

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Festivals, Pictures of You, QUACK!
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As the 2009 National Arts Festival gets ever-closer, FTH:K is in rehearsal creating its newest work, QUACK!, for its première on the 2nd July at Masonic 1.  QUACK! is best described as a dark and twisted peer into the abyss of shameless hype, the con, the hustle, and the person at the heart of it all – the con artist himself.  It’s going to rock!

QUACK! will play at MASONIC 1 at the following times:

  • 2nd @ 22:00
  • 4th @ 14:00
  • 5th @ 22:00
  • 7th @ 12:00
  • 8th @ 22:00
  • 10th @ 12:00
  • 11th @ 14:00

But that’s not all we’re taking…oooooohhh no…as part of the 2009 Cape Town Edge programme, we’ll be taking the sleeper hit of the 2008 National Arts Festival, Pictures of You, back to wow new audiences.

  • “…genius…something you simply cannot afford to miss” (Steyn du Toit, Cape Times)
  • “…compelling, seductive and very rewarding” (Zane Henry, Cape Argus)
  • “…a refreshing and magical stage offering that will linger long after you’ve left” (Marianne Thamm, www.capetheatre.co.za)
  • “mesmerising…riveting” (Adrienne Sichel, The Star)
  • “beautiful… really brilliant” (Natalie Sineke, www.24.com)
  • “emotionally intense…Must-see, gripping theatre” (CUE)
  • “…’n aangrypende stukkie lewe…” ( Mariana Malan, Die Burger)
  • “…a spectacular dreamscape…utterly fresh and beautifully executed” (Marelise van der Merwe, AnimationXchange)

It will play DAILY @ 18:00 at the PRINCESS ALICE HALL.

Be there, ouens!


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