Picture of You opens to a rocking audience in Joburg

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Pictures of You
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The word is out: Pictures of You has opened at the Festival of Fame and tickets are hot property!  Our first performance had a great house and bookings throughout the Fest are equally good.  In fact, the final performance on Friday evening is filling up fast, so don’t snooze if you are planning to see it.

It’s awesome to see FTH:K heading into the big Jozi and being received so well.  It’s equally cool to see FTH:K continuing to find new audiences, especially younger audiences who are ultimately the future of theatre in South Africa.  Add to that the fact the Oprah School has invited us to do workshops there while in Joburg and you’ve got yourself a great whack of “Woo-hoo!!”

So, if you’re in Jozi and you want to know more about the show or how to book, just click here.

But we’ll keep you posted as we go…and here we gooooooooooooooo…

  1. ugli bob says:

    Rocking along really nicely…opening minds and exposing the young to different ways of making/watching theatre. Love it! 2 shows left, and Friday is indeed shaping up nicely.
    Beeg luv from Jozi!

    • fthk says:

      Glad to hear it’s all rock n roll up there! And once you get back, it’ll be time for a new work to be born – which is the really fun part of FTH:K – and then another chance to show the world how talented our performance team is…! Keep warm and hurry home soon, all y’all.

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