Posted: May 1, 2009 in GUMBO
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So, on our last day, after being so so so careful with our stuff during our stay in BA (the theft in the streets is pretty much in the same league as SA), some Argie @#$&%&@$% (nasty person) stole a bag out from between the 5 of us while we were calling  taxi.  Literally.  In the time it took for Ugli to hail a cab, the bag disappeared, and no one saw a thing.  It may as well have been beamed up by Scottie.  And in the bag was the company laptop, with ALL the Argie pics – thank goodness for this blog which has saved some – and Tanya’s passport.  So instead of proceeding to the Festival Wrap Up session and awesome lunch, Tink and Ugli had to visit 2 police stations and get the South African Embassy to open up specially in order to get an Emergency Passport to come home.  Super.  Beats a nice lunch any time!!

But as angry and as upset as we all got about this theft, our visit to the first police station gave us some perspective: unlike the couple in front of us in the queue, we were not drugged while out at a bar and robbed of passport, money, camera etc etc.  Seriously.  I’m not making this stuff up.  No one was hurt in the taking of the bag.  The camera was not in the bag, and neither was Tanya’s wallet or green ID book – or there would have been no Emergency Passport that day.  There was no money, no newly-bought stuff, no one else’s passport or papers.  And there was enough time before the flight to get everything sorted out.  Had we been on our way to the airport, Tanya would still be in BA now!  So, some perspective.  Also lucky is that Tanya backs up her emails pretty regularly so she’ll only be missing emails from the past 3 weeks or so.  And in the upgrading of the RAM on the lap top 3 weeks ago, she backed up all her information, so the Company will only have lost a few bits and pieces.  Small mercies…stinky Argies…

Dang, it’s good to be home!

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