Posted: April 21, 2009 in Conspiracy

So, in our efforts to keep you updated on our Argie Tour, we are also posting information on the Conspiracy blog.  Have a look to see what our Artistic Director, Rob “Ugli Bob” Murray, had to say this morning…

Magnet is finishing up with their technical rehearsal this morning while we go and make sure that we have black flats for our performance of GUMBO tomorrow evening.  Then, it’s time to prep for a TV interview followed by a discussion on Integrated Theatre and the making of GUMBO, but we have no idea as to how many people have signed up for the discussion!  In that respect, Argentina is a lot like Cape Town – things happen at the last minute!  Unlike Cape Town, however, is the amount of respect people here have for theatre and cultural events in general is huge.  Buenos Aires has over 500 theatres!!  Seriously.  And some of them are even in the same street, their doors opening directly opposite from each other!  Nikki’s house is even on top of a theatre for the blind, where everything happens in the dark and is experienced through listening, smelling, touching etc.  Amazing stuff…

  1. Mike Murray says:

    To Rob, Tinks, and ALL the Gumbo guys………

    While the admirable tech ability to monitor your Argentine adventure extends us, we are following you all with deep interest and support….. and are full of admiration for Argentinian cultural interest.

    On this our election day, “votamos por usted” (you get our vote!) and we hope the performance will be “atontamiento” (stunning!).
    Rompa una pierna! (Break a leg!)
    Mom and Dad Murray, Stanford.

    • fthk says:

      Oi, thanks guys! I’m sure Ugli will leap on here at some point and add in his 5c worth, but from me, thanks for keeping an eye on the blog – we must come round again soon and tell you all about it…yes?

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